You Deserve Freedom!

from Pain, Fear, Anxiety & Anger that Abuse Gives You

My hand started shaking and I became teary-eyed.

This was one afternoon in July 2016, as I was entering the details of an abuse case in my computer inside the Investigation Office.

It was as if I was in the crime scene watching what’s actually happening between the abuser and his victim.

I stood up to relax. I said to myself, “If only there’s a way I can help these women.”

Then suddenly, this idea came up to me again..

“What if I will realize the book I have been wanting to write – a book that will help women in toxic relationships to feel seen and understood?”

It has always been my childhood dream to become a writer and I felt in that moment that it’s time to realize this dream not only for myself but also to help other people.

Hello gorgeous,

I was once in your place.

I was abused emotionally and physically by my ex-husband for more than 5 years.

This is why I know exactly how it feels to be:

YES, I know how it feels to be afraid and unsafe in your own home..

praying that there’s no more pain TOMORROW..

Do you feel alone?

Are you thinking… that this is the life you deserve?

Do you feel hopeless and helpless?

My friend, please know that you are loved and you are precious.

I have written a book dedicated especially for you.

Photo by: Jaizy Tanawe
Photo by: Jaizy Tanawe

In this book:

There’s HOPE. There’s HELP.

There’s a BETTER FUTURE for you and everyone else!

Your happiness and dreams matter!

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