Who We Are

The Break Free Angels

We are a small group of women trying to help victims/survivors of abuse live a happier and peaceful life free of fear, anxiety, anger, and pain through a welcoming community, helpful information, inspiring stories, and the Break Free book.

Just reach out because your happiness and dreams matter to us.

"Oh, here we go again..."

This was me, one afternoon.. talking to myself..

I received a call from a police officer who was assigned at our province. 

He was asking if I knew “this” person and I said, “Yes. I know her very well.”

The person he was talking about is a victim of the Anti-Violence Against Women or R.A. 9262 of the Philippines and he was asking if I could call her and ask information about the location of her abuser (her husband). The police officer was hesitant to do it himself because he was afraid that the victim would deny whatever she knew about his whereabouts.

(Para sa mga hindi nakakaalam, posible itong mangyari lalo na kung iyong biktima ay natatakot sa kung anumang dahilan. Kung hindi naman, maaaring hindi na niya gustong ituloy ang kaso dahil okay na sila ng abuser niya.)

The police officer was serious about knowing where the abuser (criminal) is so they could pursue his arrest.

And so I did.. I called the victim..

Thank God, she was cooperating and I told her about my conversation with the police officer afterwards. She didn’t say a thing, and I said, “I never knew you were experiencing this. I am so sorry not to ask.”

She was speechless for a moment and then she started telling me everything… her abusive incidents which started from petty verbal abuses, to light physical abuses, until it resulted to more serious physical injuries – the reason why the case was brought to the police station.

Right at that moment, I came to my senses

and said, “Oh, here we go again.. I thought I could just let this pass.. But, I just can’t.. And here I am thinking of writing “THAT BOOK” again..”

And then…

THIS BOOK suddenly came to life, little by little (it’s actually not yet 100% done right now but it will be).

THIS BOOK which stayed as an outline for so long, started to have stories inside it.

THIS BOOK which made me feel so scared to write about had more meaning.

First, I carefully searched for Domestic Violence Survivors who are willing to share their stories – we had a handful of them.

Next, I seeked for volunteers who could help me out with the admin tasks and we had at least 20 who raised their hands.

Finally, we did what we could and started brainstorming and planning…

THIS BOOK which was supposed to be launched last December 2019 sadly didn’t make it. I started writing it in the first week of November and I was too ambitious with my target launch date.

And then, the launch was moved to March of 2020…

Sadly, something unexpected happened...

My brain started shutting down and I felt depressive.. I can’t write a word whenever I open the soft copy of the manuscript.. I experienced “Writer’s Block” many times, but this was different..

I decided right away to pause and rest..

To you who is reading this, I don’t know if you will understand me but thank you if you do so..

Helping these victims of abuse has been an ultimate dream in my Vision Board. However, I didn’t expect that I would encounter such situation along my book writing process.

I’ve written a 90+ pages e-book and I did it so smoothly, but this time.. IT’S REALLY DIFFERENT..

And so, I looked for other ways to spread my message while healing myself. Along with that I continued accommodating victims’ messages in my Inbox and didn’t stop praying for God’s healing.

God answered my prayers…

The moment I felt "okay" to continue, I called out to the Break Free Angels...

And like they were the first time I did, they were again so responsive, passionate, and hyper..

I felt blessed..

These women were sent to me for a reason.. They have their own stories to share..

Some of them are also survivors, some are victims, and some were sent by God to fulfill their life’s purpose.

If you are looking for a community who genuinely cares, you’re in the right spot.

If you have been craving to be heard, we’re here to listen.

If you wish to feel understood, just reach out.

Your happiness and dreams matter to us.