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20 Best Motivational and Inspirational Websites to Follow

We all face an uphill battle from people with wicked thoughts and actions. However, don’t give up because of these wicked people. Instead, be strong and fight for what you know is right, not just for the sake of those who love and care for you but also for the LOVE OF YOURSELF.

In no particular order here are the 20 best motivational and inspirational websites to follow that will surely help you to stand up even if you fall and keep going with life.

It is a motivational website where health, wellness, and life-changing stuff are being shared to keep you motivated. The content on this website are all based on reality, science-backed, and approved by experts.

It is a website launched by Joel Brown. He is an Australian Entrepreneur, Blogger, Speaker, Coach, and Author. In this website, he shares knowledge of self-development and life changing stories to empower and inspire people from all over the world.

It is an online library of handpicked beautiful quotes and stories that will keep you motivated, inspired, and help in dealing with daily life. The content posted on this website are regularly monitored by the team We Wishes.

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It is the best source for peace and happiness, tips, and insights for all ages. Aside from the mentioned topics, you can as well find blog posts about relationships, spirituality, and letting go. Lori Deschene is the founder of this website.

Motivational contents based on real-life experiences are being shared here by the writer to help readers be positive, find happiness, and feel empowered. Inspiring book reviews are also being shared on this website.

This is an inspirational blog that inspires, coaches, and guides the readers’ human spirit towards their purpose. Through this website, Hope a woman of many talents and the writer behind build a global community that gives inspiration to all with unconditional love and hope. She uses her experiences and gifts to H.O.P.E – Help Other People Endure.

This is founded by a blogger and digital marketer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can read practical tips, content that will benefit you and discover a collection of the best quotes that will inspire and motivate you. Through this website, you can also learn to plan, organize, and become a productive individual both in life and work.

This motivational and inspirational website is about love, life, and lessons written by Tina Celentano. She is a versatile woman and a contributor of Today Parenting and Red Tricycle published in the anthology Once Upon An Expat. Her blog contains lots of inspirational sharings that will surely be of help to everyone.

This is a website by Louise Pistole with content about Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational Stories, and Daily Inspiration for hope, peace, love, and joy. Inspirational stories and tips on how to overcome challenges are being shared here. Images included in the content are relaxing coastal and garden views. The writer’s mantra is “Joy is my Super Power.”

This is a website of a mother from Buffalo, New York. Though this blog is written and managed by a mom yet, her blog is about teaching mom-entrepreneurs on who to ditch their 9-5 careers and turn their professional skill and/or passions into online business. Monico, the writer behind this blog quit her corporate work and start working in a small company where she negotiates flexible benefits.

This is a blog owned by a bookworm mother and a daytime worker. Through this blog, she shares her ramblings of motivation, strategies, and inspirational stories. Reading her blog will inspire and lead you to bigger and better things. It also helps make positive changes in your personal life.

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Shannon Kaiser is the lady behind this portal to a wonderful life. Weekly articles are up for you to read and be motivated. Learn and be inspired by her motivational tips and tools to support your personal growth and maximize your potential.

The founder is no other than the name of the website itself. He is popularly known on social media as #PambansangInspirasyon because of his remarkable story of turning life’s misery into opportunities that inspires Asian people. His website is fully packed with inspirational life content that will be of help to readers.

This website covers positive vibes to female readers. Its contents are about real-life issues of the woman such as beauty tips, career development, relationship tips, money matters, and women empowerment. Hello Giggles inspires many women around the world.

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This was founded in the year 2014 by Dan Western. It is a blog dedicated to motivate and inspire people around the world aiming to improve their own lives and live life the way they want it to be. One of the fastest websites with contents covering everything from motivational and inspirational quotes and self-development lessons.

This is a motivational blog of a mom who believes in the beauty of life. It is one of the best websites to get motivational stories of moving forward and continue with life’s journey despite of many life’s challenges.

This is a blog by Jalon Sangster. Through this blog, he shares information to readers on how important to stay motivated throughout life. Articles on life’s tips, personal experiences, and quotes that will motivate readers are all available on this website.

This is an inspirational website where you can find life insights and inspirational content. Simple tips on ways how to be joyful to sustain through life’s ups and downs are shared by the writer in this blog. Health topics and more motivational articles are up to read and inspire readers.

This is a website with a mission to empower, motivate, and inspire women by enhancing their personal, emotional, and professional personalities in the societies. Most contents are tips and ways to develop and grow as a woman. Training, webinars, and other activities to help women grow and excel are being offered on this website.

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In this website, gender equality, human rights, and social justice are the hot content every week. Training, capacity building, and storytelling are the platforms that is offered to members and readers to strengthen movements of positive change.

This is a website with positive, purposeful, and enterprising contents that will inspire women worldwide. Vanya Goel and Arpit Singhal, the founders of this website want every woman to understand their true merit, and instill a belief that they can be everything they want to be by breaking the shackles and gender stereotypes.

Whew! Such a great list.

So, there you go with the top 20 motivational and inspirational websites to follow. I hope you have found two or three from this list that you can get back to every day, every week, or anytime you need inspiration. 🙂

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