Giving Hope to Abused Women

A project to help end the stigma about Violence Against Women here in the Philippines and help lessen women abuse cases and its effects through a book of inspiring Survivors’ Stories and helpful guides and information.

Here's the truth:

Based on the preliminary findings of the 2017 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS), one in four (26%) ever-married women aged 15-49 experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence from their husband or partner.


experience emotional violence


experience physical violence


experience sexual violence

Join us in our MISSION to...


the public about the Anti-Violence Against Women Act (R.A. 9262) of 2004


victims validate their current situation, get out of abuse, heal and move on with their lives


with possible sponsors and partners to strengthen our foundations

Join the Community

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About You

  • You are a victim of abuse looking for a community where you could feel free and safe to share your story
  • You feel that something is wrong with your current relationship (especially with your partner, husband, or boyfriend) but you are not sure if what you think and feel about it is right
  • You are an empowered woman who share the same mission to inform the public about R.A. 9262, help abused women break free and heal, and help save our young girls from getting into these kinds of abuses
  • You are a public servant or concerned citizen who aims to help in programs like ours.
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About Us

  • The Community provides a safe place for victims to ask questions (we have strict approval of members and an option for members to post Anonymously through the Admin)
  • It was launched as a Facebook Group called Anti-VAW Community in January this year (2020) with almost 20 volunteers (we call the Break Free Angels) who united to work together for the mission stated above.
  • As of date, we have a total of 71 members who are victims, survivors, public servants, and private individuals who have their own pure intentions for joining.

Our Goal

By 2025, we have…

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Break Free Angels (Volunteers)
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Paperback Books Printed
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E-Book Downloads

The Book

Break Free: How to Let Go and Move on from an Abusive Relationship, is a book based on true stories of survivors who experienced various types of abuse from their partners or husbands.

This book will be given to victims of Violence Against Women here in the Philippines for free to help them validate their current situation, encourage them to take the right action, and inspire them to feel hopeful and strong so that they could fully heal to achieve their aspirations in life.

What Readers Say

"The author has given actual situations to validate if someone is already in an abusive relationship. The scenarious shared could encourage a victim to do her next move to protect herself and her children."
Ms. Fe
Victim (not real name)
Read this book to safeguard yourself, your sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts, friends, and other loved ones from abuse.
Rose Fres Fausto
FQ Mom, Writer & Speaker on Money and Family
The book is very informative and experiential. Contributors have also added to the content which makes it more generalizable in some way.
Psychologist, DSWD-CAR

The Author

Charlyn June Fadchal Awing is a Website Copywriter, Freelance Writing Mentor, and Survivor of Violence Against Women. She is an Igorota from Mountain Province who wants to use her God-given gift of writing to speak to and for abused women in the Philippines.

As a child, she wished to become a journalist or book author someday. She’s a fan of fairy tales so she didn’t see herself authoring Break Free – a book not even close to the happily-ever-after stories she used to cherish. However, she is confident that this book could give hope and pave the way for someone’s fairy tale to come true. Her story is living proof.

Today, she is married to a gentleman who supports her in every endeavor and has three daughters fueling her passion for this mission.

She believes that abuse may be prevented through awareness and her message to those who are already trapped is this: “Have hope because it’s true, there’s still a better life after abuse.”